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diegos ban appeal

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ingamename: diegodefreitas

steam id: diego-07

ban reason: shooting an unarmed civillian with a glock 18.

admin name:dont know

why i think its unfair: i was playing a session on garrys mod on roleplay and my younger brother (whe i went to grab a drink) came on and tried to kill someone with my gun. he told me he didnt actually kill him but i dont know. i think this is unfair because it wasnt my fault and i really want to get the most out of this new game which i bought aa couple of days ago.

date/time of ban: yesterday around 9/8 o'clock in the afternoon.

ban length: doesnt say it just says "you have been banned from this server".

time left: dont know it just says "you have been banned from this server".

another question sorry, how do i know if the appeal works?


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