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  1. Cursed


    Hallo :) Greetings
  2. Cursed

    PERP - Laws and Explanations

    Law fines went pretty low since the last time I took a look :P
  3. Cursed

    SimCity - Gmod.biZ Region

    Origin Name: taresch Age: 19 Are you new to SimCity?: Nope.avi, started playing with SimCity 4 What kind of city will you build?: I am going to build a city for educational purposes, lots of schools and stuff. City Specialization: University City Do you have TeamSpeak?: Yup.
  4. Cursed

    Music! FTW

    I prefer or
  5. Cursed

    The Universe Project

    Imagine playing Gmod in that Virtual Reality. --->Gameception<---
  6. Cursed

    Welcome Tabajara to the GM team!

    Congratulation :)
  7. Cursed

    We miss HL2RP

    Hell yeah the good ol' Hl2rp :)
  8. Cursed

    my name is: Captain_n00btube

    Hey and Welcome to Gmod.biZ!
  9. Cursed

    Need for speed!

    Old Need for Speed 2
  10. Cursed

    "Person Below Me" Forum Game!

    Yes, BurgerKing for the win! The person below me likes to eat SOAP to get a fresh breath
  11. Cursed


    Hello PornFlakes! Welcome to the community and enjoy the stay! :) I already saw you Ingame :)
  12. Cursed

    Ban requests

  13. Looking for a person who is good with photoshop

    1. CmPunk


      Harald bitz is your man!

    2. TheBeast


      You should try to contact zaCade. He's pretty good at that shit.

  14. Cursed


    Ban Appeals/Ban Requests are only for people who can provide us with info about that ban appeal/ban request. Those threads are NOT poll threads and you will receive infractions if you still do so...
  15. Happily working + eating cheesepie :DD

  16. Cursed

    A wtf moment

    Wtf was that?!
  17. Cursed

    Coding Thread

    We do not allow such things on our Forums. /closed.
  18. Cursed

    Things getting out of hand

    We had enough DdoS-threads for now. Of course, Bizv3 will be amazing! /closed.
  19. Cursed

    Ban Appeal - GoD

    Oh yeah I remember a bit, so GoD insulted Ludde and Ludde killed him... for an insult... hm I said yes you can kil lhim for that but I think that was quite harsch, next time no kill for an insult.
  20. eating pizzas !

    1. CmPunk


      Bitch please.

    2. Andy Rixon
    3. N0zTrA


      Pizza's Hut CHEEZEBURGER!

  21. Its great that you found a company that wants you :D, I hope you will do very well there! In the meantime, I try to be active to help you out here at Ideal-Hosting :)
  22. Cursed


    Welcome to Gmod.biZ! Have fun and enjoy your stay!