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    You Touched it Last

    Hey Everyone First post! Has just started a Youtube channel and doing videos of my gaming sessions. Me and my friends discovered this gamemode called you touched it last and it was the best thing ever! I've put a video together of our first time playing and found it very comical. If you would like to check out the video I will post a link below. Also please give it a like if you enjoy it and subscribe to my channel if you'd like more updates on new videos. Also if anyone else out there want me to check out thier videos or help you out with a like or subcribe just let me know and I'll check your videos out too. If anyone also would like to get on a session with me or do some colabaration videos i'm always up for playing with new people! Enough Rambling, on with the show! JD You Touched it Last #01 https://youtu.be/WTmyABQMo3s