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  1. Herath

    Whats good peeps

    Check once in a while :/
  2. Herath

    diegos ban appeal

  3. Good luck :)
  4. Herath

    Spookys Introduction

    Welcome to Gmod.biZ :)
  5. Herath

    Foxnos Ban Request

    Ban request denied Reason: No proof of who did it (Someone could have fired his veichle) Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  6. Herath

    Frozen retirement

    Hello guys. I'm here today to talk about Frozen. Frozen have decided to step back from his admin position yesteday, this is for his own personal reasons, so I would like to publicly thank you Frozen for the job well done. Hope to see you continue playing from time to time, even after your retirement. Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  7. Ban request denied Player Bergen will not be banned. Reason: Will stay as a warning, this is such a minor offense in my opinion. Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  8. Herath

    Hampus Nilsson ban appeal

    Ban appeal accepted Ban reduced with 2 days. Reason: As a warning, if it happens again you will sit the full ban. Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  9. Herath

    SLY Appeal

    Ban appeal denied I wont do an unban for this. Reason: Ban was already reduced and now you will serve the full sentence. Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  10. Herath

    Ban appeal

    Ban appeal accepted I will reduce the ban to 2 days. Reason: This will stay as a warning, do this again and the full ban plus maybe even a blacklist will be applied. Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  11. Herath

    Reiss Howards Introduction

    Welcome to the community :)
  12. Herath

    Ban Request on Hampus Nilsson (hsn)

    Ban request accepted Player hsn will be banned for 1 week. Reasons: Asspulling Relocking lockpicked doors Thank you for keeping the server clean. Best regards Head Administrator Herath
  13. Herath

    [Article] Kings & Queens Event - 21.03.2015

    Killing random people with the only reason that it is fun? Think everyone likes that :D