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  1. Deltastealth


    Did Ideal-Hositng move to LA? 😄
  2. Deltastealth


    So nice to see the forums back up, some good nostalgia in here
  3. Deltastealth

    Whats good peeps

    I also check once and while, I always hope for an announcement post. But I know I'm gonna be dissapointed everytime.
  4. Deltastealth

    [Youtube] Basic E2 Gunshop

    Thanks, was looking for this.
  5. Deltastealth

    megatronjohn's Introduction

    since when did this turn into a lua scripting support forum? Welcome anyhow
  6. Deltastealth

    Court, Court RP and all Court rules.

    Wow this is amazing, nice :)
  7. Deltastealth

    Reiss Howards Introduction

    Welcome and enjoy your stay. PS: I have 3600 hours on garry's mod. :P
  8. Deltastealth

    [Article] Kings & Queens Event - 21.03.2015

    Cool idea!
  9. Deltastealth


    Welcome! Where you from Factor? :)
  10. Deltastealth

    Damage of each weapon!

    Nice that you tested this. But I wanna make an important note: These numbers are not always correct because there is a skill called "Hardiness" which reduces the damage taken by weapons, fists, ... as it levels up.
  11. Deltastealth

    EvoCity Driving License

    Very helpful, I hope new people will actually use this.
  12. Deltastealth

    Hi I'm Sherlock

    Damn, another noob joining the community. Welcome Sherlock :) #riot
  13. Deltastealth

    Hello lads!

    I hope you have a lot of fun! Welcome! #riot
  14. Deltastealth

    Hey everyone!

    Hi Jan, welcome #riot
  15. Deltastealth

    Outlaw Comeback

    I'm not playing anymore at the moment, till some changes are made. #riot