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  1. LimeWunder

    Ban Request (LEWIS 088 ☢)

    Definitely fixed now.
  2. LimeWunder

    [Article] Harald Bitz has been demoted

    One of the best GMs. Sad to see him go..
  3. LimeWunder

    Ban Request (LEWIS 088 ☢)

    Delta, you're being immature. If you read the previous posts, you will find that the defence was abusive.
  4. LimeWunder

    Ban Request (LEWIS 088 ☢)

    They are not un-written rules; the 7 seconds rule is a real rule. Forcing people to crouch is the same as making a crouch tunnel therefore they are all rules. Also, abusing a hit box glitch is not common sense, which is a rule.
  5. LimeWunder

    Ban Request (LEWIS 088 ☢)

    I know that. However, if you cut out the lockpicking scenes, it comes to around 10 seconds.
  6. LimeWunder

    Ban Request (LEWIS 088 ☢)

    The whole thing is defence. Not just the end.
  7. Your Name: [Gmod.biZ] Ethan ᴠғ Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:40154276 - - - - Ban Request Start - - - - Offender's Name: [Gmod.biZ] LEWIS 088 ☢ Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:26782483 Rules Broken: Defence taking longer than 7 seconds to pass, abusing hitboxes. Admins Online at this time: None. (Herath joined minutes after) Proof: http://youtu.be/7FTCvwVHMX8 "status" Console Command Screenshot: http://images.glua.info/?di=1613709775324 Date/Time of Incident: 10/06/2013 16:49 P.S: Video still uploading/processing on YouTube.
  8. LimeWunder

    The Xbox One

    PC is still better but I'm getting PS4 first mainly because I like PlayStations more than Xbox consoles.
  9. LimeWunder

    Guess Who's back :D

    Welcome back to the community, Wolfie :)
  10. LimeWunder

    Hello :D.

    Welcome to the community and enjoy your stay! :)
  11. LimeWunder

    End of the season! :'(

    Wish we had snow in Wales.
  12. LimeWunder

    you guys got a dog?

    Got 2 dogs now, both Hungarian Vizslas. But welcome to the community :)
  13. LimeWunder

    Raider Family

    Good luck with the org :P