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    16 Years Old.

    I love gmod.biz, best server ever made.. Yea.
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    I like to go to the Gym. Working out every second day means alot to me. Gmod.biZ <3
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  1. N0zTrA

    -={The Triad}=-

    Nice to see you too brah <3
  2. N0zTrA

    -={The Triad}=-

    its been a long day, without you my friend
  3. N0zTrA

    megatronjohn's Introduction

    check facepunch buddy welcome tho
  4. Those days when you think of good ol' biz <3

  5. N0zTrA

    Killak Industries Science Lab Exposed

    Well made video, keep them coming.
  6. N0zTrA

    We meet again..

    Hello Smiley, welcome back to Biz.
  7. N0zTrA

    Old screenshots!

    It was a good time back then.
  8. N0zTrA

    PERP Content Pack

    I'll most likely make a video tutorial for this, like C22 did for the old content pack.
  9. N0zTrA

    Thug Life Biz

    You did an amazing job on these!
  10. N0zTrA

    Big Plants

    You don't have to think about the amount of coding that has to be done. You have to think about the suggestion itself, not the code that involves around it. However, OT, I agree that this feature would be an amazing addition to BizRP, and you could also implement that only VIP or Gold can plant big plants. Support.
  11. How long can it take Steam Support to answer my technical difficulties...

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Kevin Vanderbist

      Kevin Vanderbist

      I have been waiting over 2 weeks for my simple request, and the answer they gave me was just pre-written lawl

    3. Prozzie


      The comunity isn't always the best, but i can asure you that they are busy!


    4. N0zTrA


      Steam really needs to enhance their support service. I'd rate it 0.1/10.

  12. N0zTrA

    Weapons Guide. Prices & Requirements.

    Excellent guide, however, to make it a lot better, it would be a great idea to give exact instructions on how to unlock the different mixtures.
  13. N0zTrA

    The Return of N0zTrA

    Thank you everyone, it's good to be back.
  14. N0zTrA

    The Return of N0zTrA

    Hey Guys, It's a pleasure of me to announce that I'm back. After three years in Singapore, with an IGCSE certificate in my hand, I'm finally back in Denmark, and, I'm returning to Biz. I was previously banned here on the forums because I made an "Goodbye" thread, which was good for me because it took me away from gaming and it gave me more time to focus on school. However, I'm done with my IGCSE course and currently I'm taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma, hard course, but it's worth it. I left in 2012, and now it's 2015. I've grown a lot, matured LOADS, 18 years old now, and I'm a new person. Overall, it's great to be back, hope to meet some familiar faces again. Shoutout to Hyllen for getting me unbanned on here again, much love. I haven't logged on my Steam account for 620 days, I forgot everything about it since I had this long break, but it's being resolved, and I'll be online soon again. Hope Ideal Hosting is doing good, and that the new BizRP is running smooth, thanks to Mathias Andersen, I don't know you personally, but thank you for bringing Biz back up. Hope to see you all around, N0z
  15. N0zTrA

    Saying Goodbye

    Hello members, I have decided to quit the community for a bit, not because I hate anyone or anything, it's just, I don't have the time to play anymore, I have too many things to do at school and after school. I will check the forums regularly, but I won't be in-game for some time. I will be online on vacations, but not in normal weekends and school days. I will be there for BizV3 for sure :) It was a nice time I had here, but I will have a break for around 2 years now, since that is how long my school term is. I think it's more important to focus on school, instead of gaming. I everyone will have some nice times on the server, and maybe I will see you one day inthere ;) Noz