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  1. TheSLY

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    Isn't it obvious that changing to a different map on PERP will require a lot of work to make it compatible? It isn't that hard to change NPC coordinates and property prices/names.As said by people already, let the community members have there say on this. Otherwise this is hardly a community if the community has no choice or say in big decisions.
  2. TheSLY

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    Switching from Evocity V2d to v3xx didn't seem to be a bad experience. Maybe other attempts were due to bad coders? This could be perfect for Mathias to prove himself to everyone (A lot) that argues he cannot code, by upgrading the PERP to another map.
  3. TheSLY

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    PERP should stick with Evocity to be honest, Evocity is what brings people to play PERP. It isn't the same playing in another place. Updated Evocity maps will be the suitable option. The one you've shown does suggest more freedom but it doesn't particularly look well made, whilst the Evocity maps are designed by a well known mapper who is known for good quality maps. Yeah there are issues, but there are limitations obviously for the map if you want it to run smoothly. The map shown in Tabas first post seems like a great map to update the server to and from what I can tell, other servers haven't updated yet. There is this other Evocity map, I think it was like evocity_v2p? That was a pretty nice map if you're looking for a huge open space map, but that would only be ideal if the server population was at a constant high between 40-50.
  4. What's on my mind? Wondering how much longer I'll have to wait for Mathias to respond to his admin report...

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    2. TheSLY


      Either way, the person being reported should at least publicly acknowledge the report.

    3. Robby


      He has obviously seen it.

    4. TheSLY


      Correct, but that isn't the same as publicly acknowledging it.

  5. TheSLY

    Frozen retirement

    Mhhhhm ;) Is it that girl who came round yours to watch a "film"? I knew she'd take you from us! #BrosBeforeHoes
  6. GTA Online Heists are soooo coool omg

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    2. TheSLY


      Playing on PS3, but will move to PC when it's out :p

      Can add me on PS3 if you also play on that, just ask for my ID:)

    3. TheBeast


      My ID is eksonic-


      Add me :P

    4. TheSLY
  7. Trying to do GTA Online Heist with 2 random people is the hardest thing you'll ever do.

  8. TheSLY

    SLY Appeal

    Ingame Name: Adam Friberg (Steam Name: SLY) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24078274 Ban Reason: "Heavy Admin Disrespect" Admin Name: Mathias Explain detailed what happened: I was having a heated discussion/argument with Shahmen privately over steam chat. In this chat I refered to Mathias as a "fat lard". I also said that he cannot "code shit" and all he does it "fix up old bizrp code". This was simply because the infamous inventory bug would have been fixed a long time ago instead of minor fixes/new features being introduced. I was permanently banned for this. Why do you think the ban is unfair: A few days before the ban took place, I talked to Herath. I was having another heated discussion with Shahmen, where flame was used both ways. I wanted to know if this was bannable as the flame was heavy. Herath had told me that I cannot be banned for what goes on via steam chat if flame is used both sides. So after another flame war with Shahmen, I got banned for what I said privately in steam. I spoke to Mathias after the ban, wanting to know exactly how a permanent ban is suitable for being called fat and being told you can't code. Current server admins disagreed with this, one even said "If you called me fat, I wouldn't even take it seriously". Date/Time of Ban [GMT+1]: 3rd of March, 2015 - Mid Afternoon (Time unknown) Ban Length: Original ban: Permanent Adjusted ban: 31 days - The ban was changed to this for reasons I cannot know, other than a heated discussion between 2 people. Time left: 24 Days (I think) Side note: Screenshots (lots) of the conversation between myself and Shahmen, and myself and Mathias can be provided to Gmod.biZ staff, if required. However, most have already seen. Thank you Herath for staying calm and being professional about all of this, it's good to see a professional working hard.
  9. TheSLY

    [Article] Boring Room Event - 07.03.2015

    Just curious, I can't see any noticeable changes in this article than the other version? What's different this time other than the date? #riot
  10. If people have played like 4 hours and didn't rank up because it was broken, do they automatically move up to rank 2 or do people have to start their playtime as that job all over again?
  11. TheSLY

    Fix this bug suggestion

    This isn't really to suggest a new feautre, it's a suggestion to fix a bug. Also, before you say this is the wrong section, it is the only relevant section I could find because the bug tracker had issues of its own when I tried to report it. I joined the server, got the black loading screen up with the white hint text etc... Then I get kicked due to a lua error Console displayed this ​I then joined and these errors appear
  12. TheSLY

    PERP Web links

    Title of Suggestion: Web links Description: Can we get web links to display in the PERP section? Or as sidebar blocks? For example, the top 5 most played users display in a sidebar block. A useful one would be to display who is currently on the server. People might want to only play if their friends are playing, and they have to join to find out, would be useful if it displayed on the forums to save time. Why: Is the why even needed in a template?
  13. TheSLY

    Suggestion: Police Jeep

    There are extra police cars already available in PERP, but for some reason it's been disabled/removed for VIPs/Admins so that everyone is stuck with the boring default car. Would be nice to see another police car...
  14. TheSLY

    Admins to full of themselves

    You've just made things worse by referring to people letting their anger out at the matter as douche bags for doing so. Now as we're all being pretty honest here I'll just put what I have to say out and hope that this isn't taken to heart and I'm not punished for this. I have no issue with anyone on gmod.biz other than C22, a lot of things bother me regarding him on the server and for the generally community.
  15. TheSLY

    Admins to full of themselves

    3 words Also, the other admins are relaxed and like to see people have a good time. They're still good at their job but no matter what you say, C22 is different and not relaxed like everyone else and does what he thinks is best for himself.