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  1. Tabajara


    Don't give me that look and spark of hope, German. :(
  2. Tabajara


    Holy cow, you guys are still around! God, I miss everyone... My 2K hrs of Gmod was because of gmod.biz. Thank you, each of you for the incredibly memorable moments <3
  3. Tabajara

    [UPDATED] Gmod.biZ Content Pack

  4. Agree, Swats with rank 8 above should be able to use tactical molotovs on raid situations (but not on bank robbery). That's my opinion for this rule change.
  5. Tabajara

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    I just want to say thank you all who voted here. 28 votes wasn't that enough but at least we could see clearly what community think and want.
  6. Tabajara

    EvoCity S.W.A.T. Department (ECSD)

    Looking forward about this org! Good luck mate!!
  7. Tabajara

    [Article] Kings & Queens Event - 21.03.2015

    Paris rushed like a real MVP
  8. Tabajara

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    Come on Stubi, asking what community think and want it won't hurt. :^)
  9. Tabajara

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    Mathias, you got a good point suggesting that one. More streets would mean more space to drive and chase, but right now, I think the veterans and old players would like to stick with the original style of EvoCity and just have small chances on buildings and tunnels. Our server is still not soo much populated yet, first two weeks were reaching full maxplayers, but now, we need get those players back and keep our community more alive than never!
  10. Quoting from original mapper of EvoCity's thread from Facepunch: SO, this is an old suggestion to change the currently "evocity_v33x" to an upgraded one. Is confirmed by the developer/original mapper that this version (v33x) is no longer supported by him. BUT, in 2014, he uploaded a new version of it called RP_EvoCity_v4b1. Most changes were made in this specific buildings: TIDES, NEXUS, SUBS, TUNNELS, MTL OVERALL and JAIL. You can see some examples on those images below. Some props can be deleted when server starts up to reduce the entities and etc. So my question, for all of you: What is your feed-back about this EvoCity version? You liked it? Would you want it on the server to fit with the current gamemode PERPBIZ? Would it bring more players? Would you spend more fun time on it? Leave your answer with a reply in this topic! And please, talk to your friend about this thread, ask him/her if he would like to see or not a new evocity version for Biz. More people knowing and responding, the better! Support this idea in the bugtracker link! Especial thanks to Robby for letting me know about this map! Cheers.
  11. This is a HUGE ONE! That's what she said Outstanding job Foxnos! Thanks a lot!
  12. The ".rar" file need be with this size : 1.233.759 KB If is not with that size, the download file is incompleted and you must re-download again until you have full size of it. I just got a new PC today, redownloaded the CSS, HL2, GMOD and the content pack in the final, installed everything correctly and is working fine. Hope it helps G-man.
  13. Tabajara

    [Article] Kings & Queens Event - 21.03.2015

    Giving this a up!
  14. Tabajara

    Frozen retirement

    Frozen, you always will be my bitch and my "sis". Hang out with your friends, much better than this thing we call "love". :'''^)