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    Vito, a true legend or?
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  1. TheBeast


    Garry's Mod isnt dead at all. The playerbase is higher than back when Gmod.biz was in prime.
  2. TheBeast


    Not at all.
  3. TheBeast


    So, when are we going to make this gmod.biz a real thing? We need a server up
  4. TheBeast


    Haha, sorry bud. I missed the forums when they shut down.
  5. TheBeast


    What is this, gmod.biz return?
  6. TheBeast

    Whats good peeps

    Hehe, talk about being an ass :^ Can't believe its been so many years since I started here. Back then I was 12 or 13, with no worries. Now im almost done with college, Im in a serious relationship and driving a fucking Audi A4 TDI. Like what. Hope ya'll doing good too man.
  7. TheBeast

    Whats good peeps

    Shitfuck, Andy fucking Rixon. Been a while bud, haven't spoken to you in years xD Not since Seranity I believe?
  8. TheBeast

    Whats good peeps

    Whats up whoever is still around here.
  9. I still go on here and read old posts, oh the memories.

  10. TheBeast

    Gmod with friends!

    Congratz buddy
  11. TheBeast

    Gmod with friends!

    Man, why even bother posting here :i Its dead as fk
  12. Turned 18 years old today, how time flies. Cant believe I started playing biZ when I was about 13 years old? Shit.. It's been a while..

  13. TheBeast

    -={The Triad}=-

    That quote :((((( rip paul walker Also, nice to see ya buddy.
  14. TheBeast

    megatronjohn's Introduction

    Not much to help with left, but welcome I guess.
  15. TheBeast

    New Evocity Map: Feed back needed

    Mr. Funky, a new map would be fancy.