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    I am Jachin Vercruysse, I live in Belgium,Antwerp

    I go to school. I like Gmod.biZ its a nice community.
    I play on the Lite RolePlay server.
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    Computers , Photograpix (Photoshop) ,
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    Belgium , Antwerp , Antwerp , Hoevenen
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  1. Jachin


    Woah, cool to see this being alive again :D
  2. I'm pretty happy this site is still up and running. It's amazing how many old friends i've seen here :) Gmod.Biz - 2011 - never forget <3

  3. Jachin

    Old screenshots!

    Holy damn dude! Those times were golden! I was in Flawless back in the days, holy damn man feels good to see those pics Found some ! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/540649169616619211/8ABC7D97F2A02FF728E72DAF98F00A0BFE2F03CE/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/542901600431661814/632F3CF7740E3675353EA2AEA47862AAB68C74D4/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/542901600382448485/3BB12C5640E60DE5E13E0EF3AB867263EBB0544A/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/540649169616620879/926C9AAAEA891C36C0883E0CC4A04437CDFB7C61/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/541774443061854520/FADC295100A0BA129353F52B93CD246C5A0BD34C/
  4. Jachin

    Zerox Hacking

    Tada :) No proof (demo's etc.) = No ban i guess
  5. Jachin

    Zerox Hacking

    Give me the demo
  6. Jachin

    Zerox Hacking

    Do you got proof ? NO !!!!! Jeez. I used hack and? I know whos hacking on gmod.biz so? Zerox isn't hacking at all No Proof = No ban my boy ;)
  7. Jachin

    Zerox Hacking

    Guys, I know that Zerox don't hack. He's my friend and he plays CSS with me and he's good. And yes now you guys can say to me like hacker etc. I Don't Care. I was stupid so what? To the point Zerox don't hack. If you got REAL proof when he's shaking or aiming thought the walls (shooting) Then you got proof. But with this. Pedobear can lie. If i say ; "Pedobear is hacking" . You guys gonna believe me? Its just zerox got good scores on gmod.biz server and if someone says then if he hack you gonna believe. ... Greets , Jachin Vercruysse
  8. I need to tell you something.

    Its very important!!!




    I'am sexy and i know it <3

  9. Jachin

    About Bloodline's Admin Position.

    Bloooddlinee !! <3
  10. Jachin

    intro for [Gmod.biZ]eth

    Welcome Eth! For questions/problems you can pm me! You can also add me on steam! Jachiin_x Enjoy your stay !
  11. Jachin

    Bumba is Failing.

    That the problem mate. Its like on school i over react a bit on my teacher etc..
  12. Jachin

    Oh come on

    I got banned for nothing . Maked unban appeal it got accepted. After 2 days i am still banned. now i got the time to play i can't. Please unban.
  13. Jachin

    Bumba is Failing.

    Thanks guys.
  14. Jachin

    Ban Appeal

    Ingame Name: Bumbaa SteamID: STEAM_0:1:40581318 Ban Reason: NPC killed and disconnected to avoid the consequences. Admin Name: [Gmod.biZ] | Bloodline Explain detailed what happened: Euh idk. i think there is a mistake with the ban.. Why do you think the ban is unfair: Euh i didn't kill a NPC. I was banned on the server for 4 days so how the **** i can kill a npc. I think this is a wrong ban. I was looking how long i was banned and BAM i got banned but i don't know how. Date/Time of Ban [GMT+1]: Idk how long the ban was. Ban Length: I don't know... Time left: 11 day(s), 4 hour(s) and 31 minute(s)
  15. Jachin

    BR on Cannabis

    Yup and then will he /yell the fine if its a +5k fine :D I know the tricks ;D