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  1. German Hoeffner


    Don't forget to join our discord at https://discord.gg/bxGEtC9 ;) Also if anyone is in the LA area, hit me up on discord or via PM!
  2. German Hoeffner


    If anyone is interesting in fixing stranded, let me know. It's a GM12 gamemode but should be fairly easy to port to GM13. Looking to host stranded again ;)
  3. German Hoeffner


    Well, I think I'm right. Red = Gmod.biZ peak time.
  4. German Hoeffner


    Is there any source for this claim?
  5. German Hoeffner


    Well, isn't Gmod kind of dead?
  6. German Hoeffner


    Probably not, but some nice nostalgia! ps. thanks for cleaning the dusk pss. use proper thread titles ;)
  7. German Hoeffner

    Hey everyone!

  8. German Hoeffner

    Can we all agree on this?

    Uhm, I've seen it in both versions. I guess, there are two pictures which exist. Haha.
  9. German Hoeffner

    PERP - Laws and Explanations

    This is so well written, I can't thank you enough Kilakk :)
  10. German Hoeffner

    Clarification on "Airsoft" guns

    It's bullshit. We've not enforced the rules on it yet, but we might do so. As far as I know, that police officers can take the weapons from shops is on Mathias roadmap.
  11. German Hoeffner

    Vehicle Destruction

    Under certain conditions, this could be a very good idea. Some insurance system. To be honest, we should stop trashing ideas immediately. Instead, we should take the suggestion and then try to make a good idea out of it. Just saying - Support won't bring us further developing a unique gamemode ;)
  12. German Hoeffner


    Hello Speed, binds are not necessarily a good idea here. You really shouldn't try to go around any game mechanics, which the inventory system is.
  13. German Hoeffner

    With dedication comes rewards.

    Thanks, fixed.
  14. German Hoeffner

    With dedication comes rewards.

    The event page is now live! http://event.gmod.biz/ Thanks to jonathan for making it possible.