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  2. wtf

    Hallo :) Greetings
  3. wtf

    Bloody hell, Would actually love to see a come back from gmod.biz Spent most of my gmod life on here, when it was gone was the day I stopped playing. (Tried to use my old account wouldn't let me login) :(
  4. wtf

    Now I start to understand things more clearly :O :D
  5. wtf

    I thought I replied here back in January but apparently not. It's nice to see the forums back again, I spent the majority of my early teens on Biz ­čśő Nah, I wouldn't say dead but it's definitely harder getting a server going this late into it's life. It is still possible though, I started my own server and managed to build up a playerbase pretty quickly. Triads for Life
  6. wtf

    Don't give me that look and spark of hope, German. :(
  7. wtf

    If anyone is interesting in fixing stranded, let me know. It's a GM12 gamemode but should be fairly easy to port to GM13. Looking to host stranded again ;)
  8. wtf

    Blast from the past
  9. wtf

    bring back bizrp
  10. wtf

    Woah, cool to see this being alive again :D
  11. wtf

    Holy cow, you guys are still around! God, I miss everyone... My 2K hrs of Gmod was because of gmod.biz. Thank you, each of you for the incredibly memorable moments <3
  12. wtf

  13. Hey guys. It's me. [Brow Raise] Wolfie.
    Miss you buddy!

  14. wtf

    Well, the area that you marked had some peaks with a larger playerbase. But the majority of the months in the area had about the same amount of players that there's right now.
  15. wtf

    Well, I think I'm right. Red = Gmod.biZ peak time.
  16. wtf

  17. wtf

    Is there any source for this claim?
  18. wtf

    Garry's Mod isnt dead at all. The playerbase is higher than back when Gmod.biz was in prime.
  19. wtf

    I guess Garrysmod isn't dead I remember the really good time there, if no one remembers me it's me Bloodline, the good old Boy.
  20. wtf

    I've been coming back to this site every now and then, even though I thought It never would come back. So nice to see it back <3
  21. wtf

    Gmod and dead i wouldn┬┤t say that too since everyone misses the old times i guess.
  22. wtf

    Not at all.
  23. wtf

    Well, isn't Gmod kind of dead?
  24. wtf

    So, when are we going to make this gmod.biz a real thing? We need a server up
  25. wtf

  26. wtf

    Haha, sorry bud. I missed the forums when they shut down.
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