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Posted 16 March 2012 - 03:13 PM

Hey, i started playing BaseWars a long time ago, and this gamemode is the best gamemode i have tried so far. The gamemode is about builing a base, then you gotta make money printers and protect them. The Money printers need power from either a Power plant or generator. Then if you dont base you gotta raid others :/ Well you MUST scan before a raid. You do that with a Radar tower, that costs 5000$. It takes three energi.

there is a lot of diffrent money printers like:

Bronze money printer:
Price: 1500$
Takes one energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:150-200 (upgrade Costs: 1500$)
2:300-350(upgrade Costs: 3000$)
3:400-500(upgrade Costs: 4500$)
4:500-1200(upgrade Costs: 5000$)
5:1200-1500(upgrade Costs:6500$)

Silver Money printer:
Price: 20.000$
Takes one energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:2.000-3.000(upgrade Costs: 20.000$)
2:3.000-4.000(upgrade Costs: 40.000$)
3:6.000-7.000(upgrade Costs: 60.000$)
4:7.000-12.000(upgrade Costs: 80.000$)
5:13.000-15.000(upgrade Costs: 100.000$)


Gold Money Printer.
Price: 150.000$
Takes three energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:10.000-20.000$(upgrade Costs:150.000$)
2:20.000-30.000$(upgrade Costs:300.000$)
3:30.000-50.000$(upgrade Costs: 450.000$)
4:50.000-80.000$(upgrade Costs:600.000$)
5:80.000-120.000$(upgrade Costs:850.000$)


Platinium Money printer.
Price: 750.000$
Takes three energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:75.000-130.000$(upgrade Costs:750.000$)
2:130.000-150.000$(upgrade Costs:1.500.000$)
3:150.000-180.000$(upgrade Costs:2.250.000$)
4:180.00-250.000$(upgrade Costs: 3.000.000$)
5:250.000-300.000$(upgrade Costs:4.000.000$)


Diamond Money Printer.
Price: 1.500.000
Takes five energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:350.000-400.000$(upgrade Costs:1.500.000$)
2:400.000-500.000$(upgrade Costs: 3.000.000$)
3:500.000-700.000$(upgrade Costs:4.500.000$)
4:700.000-800.000$(upgrade Costs:6.000.000$)
5:1.000.000-1.200.000$(upgrade Costs:10.000.000$)


Nucler Money Printer.
Price 100.000.000
Takes five energi.
Limit: Only one Nuclear on the map.
Money amount given by level:
1:3.000.000-5.000.000$(upgrade Costs:100.000.000$)
2:5.000.000-7.000.000$(upgrade Costs:200.000.000$)
3:7.000.000$-10.000.000$(upgrade Costs:300.000.000$)
4:10.000.000-15.000.000$(upgrade Costs:500.000.000$)
5:40.000.000-50.000.000$(upgrade Costs:$)


Nova Money Printer.
Takes seven energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:30.000.000-50.000.000$(upgrade Costs: 250.000.000$)
2:50.000.000-80.000.000$(upgrade Costs:500.000.000$)
3:80.000.000-100.000.000$(upgrade Costs:750.000.000$)
4:100.000.000-150.000.000$(upgrade Costs:$)
5:150.000.000-200.000.000$(upgrade Costs:$)


Super Nova Money Printer.
Takes ten energi.
Money amount given by level:
1:80.000.000-100.000.000$(upgrade Costs:500.000.000$)
2:140.000.000-170.000.000$(upgrade Costs:$)
3:200.000.000-230.000.000$(upgrade Costs:1.500.000.000$)
4:350.000.000-400.000.000$(upgrade Costs:$)
5:500.000.000-600.000.000$(upgrade Costs:$)


Command            Price    Ammo type      Description

/buyknife          150     -                       Buy a knife
/buypipebomb   150     -                       Buy 3 pipe bombs
/buylockpick     150     -                       Unlocks doors you don't own, breaks into gunvaults, pillboxs and keypads.
/buybinoculars  150     -                      Buy a pair of binoculars to look around with
/buydartgun      300     ammo: dart      Stuns players that are hit with it
/buywelder        750     -                    Deletes other peoples props
                                                         -Blocking yourself in order to weld into their base so that they cannot kill you can get you banned. Don't do it.

/buypistol (followed by any of the below, ALL use pistol ammo)
P228               200
Deagle            210
Glock              220
Fiveseven       230
USP               240
Elites             350
Mac10           420
TMP              530
AutoFiveseven  1380
AutoGlock    1320

/buyshipment (followed by any of the below.)
  -if there are gun dealers, price is doubled.

Mac10             1100                   ammo: pistol
TMP                1200                     ammo: pistol
UMP                1300                 ammo: pistol
P90                1300                ammo: pistol
m4                 1400                    ammo: rifle
Shotgun          1500                 ammo: shotgun
MP5                1600                  ammo: pistol
Galil                1700                ammo: rifle
AUG                1800                    ammo: rifle
AK47               2000                ammo: rifle
FlameThrower  2100                    ammo: fuel
Sniper             2200             ammo: sniper
AutoShotgun    2400               ammo: shotgun
M249              2800                 ammo: rifle AutoSnipe          3500    ammo: sniper
Grenade          300     -              
StunGrenade   250     -              
GasGrenade     400     -
Molotov           400     -
Incendiary       900     -

/buybomb           15000    Not handheld   Destroys everything near it
  -Hold use on the bomb to arm it. Bomb explodes after 120 seconds unless defused.
  -Explosion effect is Cinematic Explosion, made by Fatal Muffin
  -This bomb will destroy all props near it, damage through walls, and leave a bunch of smaller bombs to completely bring ruin to whatever it's blowing up.
  -If you have someone block the bomb off with props so that it can't be defused, we will ban both of you. There is no debating this.

Gunfactory Items

Laser Gun              300    
Laser Rifle            600    
Plasma Gun          600
RPG Launcher       800               ammo:  /buyammo rocket
Grenade Launcher 1000                   ammo:  /buyammo grenade
Worldslayer          1400    


/buygenerator      400     Provides up to 5 power to structures near it
  -Generator automatically powers structures near it upon buying it
  -Costs the owner of it $5 per minute to run.

/buyradar          500     Allows the owner to use /scan on players to find them
  -Requires 2 power to scan or charge
  -Requires 1 charge to do a scan. Charges are generated each minute, holds up to 10
  -Upgrade1 makes the scan also show information on the target, including weapons
  -Upgrade2 makes the scan also show what structures are near the target upon scan
  -It costs you $25 to use a scan
  -If scan target has a scanner equipped, you will be scanned back. You were warned.
  -If Detects bigbombs nearby..

/buyspawnpoint     150     Sets where you will spawn to your location
  -Covering it with a prop is the same as asking to be spawn camped
  -Buying another spawn point will destroy the original

/buydispenser      400     Press use on it to get health and ammo
  -Upgrade1 makes it give ammo faster
  -Upgrade2 makes it also give armor

/buycabinet      400     Press use on it to get helmet and shields
  -Upgrade1 makes it give toolkits and scanners
  -Upgrade2 makes it give lockpicks and binoculars as well

/buyrefinery       500     Drop drugs into the refinery to make better drugs
  -Requires 2 power to take in materials
  -Upgrade1 allows it to produce randomdrugs out of less materials
  -Upgrade2 allows it to produce superdrugs out of randomdrugs and make drugs easier
  -when fully upgraded, 3 booze = 1 drug. Unupgraded, 5 booze = 1 drug
  -when fully upgraded, produces 'randomdrug' with 5 drugs. Unupgraded takes 10 drugs
  -when fully upgraded, produces superdrugs of the selected type with 10 randomdrugs

/buygunlab         600     Press use on it to upgrade the gun you're holding

/buygunfactory     2000    Creates weapons that cannot normally be purchased
  -Requires 3 power to make weapons
  -Upgrades allow it to produce more types of weapons
  -The total cost of the weapon is spread out over the period of weapon production.

/buymicrowave      400     Press use to make food, which gives up to 125% health
  -Requires 1 power to make food

/buygunvault       300     Drop guns into it to store them

/buyairboat        400     Buys you an airboat

/buypillbox        300     Drop items into it to store them
  -Pill box can store nearly anything. health, drugs, booze, armor, etc.

/buyplant #        50      Automatically makes you $5 every minute
  -Upon buying a plant, there is a chance that it will be hemp, making $1 a minute instead

/buystill #        250     Automatically makes you $10 every minute
  -produces 'booze' item after 20 seconds

/buydruglab #      600     Automatically makes you $25 every minute
  -produces 'drug' item after 20 seconds

/buymethlab #      600     Automatically makes you $50 every minute
  -produces 'randomdrug' item after 60 seconds
  -Every minute, a methlab has a 5% chance of randomly blowing up. Buy at own risk
  -Chance of exploding is doubled if methlab is producing a drug

/upgrade           --       Upgrades what you are looking at.
  -First upgrade costs the same as the object, second costs double.
  -All of the money making structures make more money with upgrades

/buyturret         300     Buys a sentry gun. Hold use on it to build it.
  -Turret by default will shoot at any player who isn't you once its built
  -If you don't hold use on it to build it, it will not do anything.
  -Don't use the turrets outside of your own base, it might get you kicked.
  -using the turrets to kill everyone leaving spawn will get you banned.
  -Sentry gun will spawn where you look, even if its a wall or ceiling.
  -To make it not shoot someone, both you and that person must check each others name
  -Ally menu can be found in Options->RPDM Remade->Allies in your spawn menu ('Q' menu)

/buygunrecycler    300      Buys a gun recycler that gives you half of the value back of inserted guns.

/buylamp           300      Buys a lamp to light up dark bases.
/buyspotlight      300      Buys a spotlight to light up dark bases.

Other stuff

Anything that you can buy that is on this page come in packs of 5.
Command              Price    Duration     Description
Special drugs

Defense drugs

/buydrug regen       600     120 seconds  Heals health and armor over time
/buydrug painkillers 500     140 seconds  You take 1/3rd less damage
/buydrug reflect     625     110 seconds  1/3rd of damage you take hurts the attacker
                                -Does not work with knife, gas grenades, or poison darts
/buydrug antidote    400     150 seconds  Poison and stun effects go away faster
/buydrug adrenaline  400     150 seconds  Sets your max health to 150%
                                 -unlike other items that give more than 100% health, this becomes your default health

Offense drugs

/buydrug steroids    400     140 seconds  You run faster
/buydrug amp         600     120 seconds  You do 50% more damage
/buydrug doublejump  400     130 seconds  Allows you to do a second jump while in mid-air
/buydrug leech       400     140 seconds  You absorb 1/3rd of the damage you do to players
                                 -Does not work with knife, gas grenades, or poison darts
/buyarmorpiercer     400     110 seconds  You do 25% more damage to structures

Weapon modifying drugs

/buydrug focus       400     120 seconds  Increased accuracy on weapons
  -Does not work with grenade launcher, or rocket launcher
  -Causes all weapons that shoots bullets to have a lower spread and lowered recoil
/buydryg magicbullet 300     110 seconds  Makes 50% of your shots hit a second player
  -This will not work with shotguns and weapons that don't fire bullets
  -The second person hit will take half the damage it did to the first player
  -Magic bullet will only work with bullets that actually hit a player
/buydrug shockwave   600     130 seconds  You fire explosive bullets
  -Damage radius depends on the weapon
  -This will have no effect with weapons that don't fire bullets
/buydrug doubletap   750     120 seconds  All of your weapons fire 35% faster
/buydrug knockback   400     110 seconds  1/3rd of your shots will knock players back


/buyhealth      ???     Refills health.
  -Price is $50 if there are no pharmacists, $250 if there are pharmacists.
  -Can only be picked up 3 seconds after it spawned
/buyarmor       400     Provides 100 armor
/buyhelmet      100     Makes headshots do 20% the damage of a body shot
/buyshield      100     Survive next damage that would kill you
  -as cheap as this is, its probably a good idea to buy it the second you spawn
  -if you have this equipped, you CANNOT die from a single hit
/buyscanner     200     Shows enemy health, armor, and weapon information
/buytoolkit     200     Pick locks and defuse bombs faster
  -also lets you use lockpick on keypads

Other items

You can't buy these directly, they are created.
Drug        -Drug from a druglab. Gives 110% health
Booze       -Booze from a still. Gives 110% health
Food        -Food from a microwave. Gives 125% health
RandomDrug  -Made from a refinery. Gives 1 random special drug effect

  -Made from a fully upgraded refinery out of randomdrugs.
  -Gives ALL special drug effects of its type with no overdose
  -There are 3 types of superdrugs, each giving the 5 of their type and a random
  -Defense: regeneration, painkillers, antidote, reflect, and adrenaline
  -Offense: steroids, double jump, amplifier, leech, and armor piercer
  -Weaponmod: focus, magic bullet, shockwave, double tap, and knockback
  -All superdrug given effects last 150 seconds
  -You cannot take other drugs with a superdrug, you will overdose.
  -Made in a refinery out of SuperDrugs
  -This is the single best item in the entire game. It's effect is nearly godmode

If you try to take too many of the special drug effects, there is an increasing chance of having an overdose, which poisons and kills you. Trying to take all 15 at once is basically asking for it. SuperDrugs (and ÜberDrugs) are the only safe way to get all the effects at the same time.

I hope you enjoy. I also hope that Gmod.biZ would like this kind of server, since the best BaseWars server just closed down.

Best Regards,Vito.

Remember, this is diffrent from server to server. This is taking from BS-G BloodSworn, wich is closed down now.

Edited by Vito, 17 March 2012 - 10:26 PM.
Added moe money printers.

#2 Harald Bitz

Harald Bitz


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Posted 16 March 2012 - 03:35 PM

Please Biz, make a server like this it looks freaking awesome!

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#3 Cux


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Posted 16 March 2012 - 03:58 PM

Looks fun. Wonder how long will the download take though.

#4 Vito


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Posted 17 March 2012 - 04:25 AM

It is very fun :/ And really, doesnt take long time to download. You should try it one day Cux ^^

#5 medede


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 03:23 PM

How do I get this for my server?

#6 LimeWunder


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:12 PM

I've played these things before, they're amazing! I definitely want one for Gmod.biZ!

Email: welshy7up@hotmail.co.uk

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#7 NooberNoober


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 05:04 PM

I love BaseWars, it's sort of a mix between DarkRP and Deathmatch, printing money, raids, powerups, they're always fun servers.

#8 Caffe


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Posted 28 January 2013 - 04:09 PM

I played on some newbie nation one for a while, but got kinda boring when you already had like 2 000 000 000 $ cash. :/

in-game: Caffe | e-mail: info@kz.ee | steam: _-m | skype: triple.- | youtube: shellwxd
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#9 TheBeast


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 08:23 AM

If German reads this. I have a BaseWars gamemode currently for GMOD 12, since I suck at coding soo much, I could donate it to Gmod.biZ if they might be interested in having such a server.
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